How to plant a tree with Alan Titchmarsh

plant and stake a tree

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Необходимо научиться сажать дерево. И хорошая новость заключается в том, что это действительно будет иметь большое значение для вашего сюжета в любое время года.

Even a small tree can be a significant feature in a garden, adding height, interest, and bringing benefits to garden wildlife. The bottom line: why wouldn’t you want to add one? And we were delighted to see one of our favourite gardening experts and broadcasters, Alan Titchmarsh, sharing his advice on the task.

Как отмечает Алан, взгляды на то, как правильно сажать и ставить колья, на самом деле изменились за эти годы в результате исследований. Итак, если вы хотите узнать, как лучше всего дать дереву хороший старт в вашем саду, ознакомьтесь с советами Алана ниже. Нравится идея еще большего количества садовых идей и стратегий для украшения вашего открытого пространства? Вы найдете их на нашей специальной странице.

How to plant and stake a tree: Alan Titchmarsh’s top tips

1. Trees are easier to look after if you plant them in the autumn season, needing less watering than if you put them into the ground in spring or summer. The soil remains warm, as well as being moist, and the tree can get established before the temperatures drop. The tree itself is dormant so it’s not as prone to damage. The earth should be easy to dig, too, which is another very good reason to get planting now.

2. Before planting, stand the tree in a bowl of water so its roots are damp.

3. You’ll need to dig to the depth of the rootball but over an area that’s at least twice its width, Alan advises. This will loosen the soil and improve drainage. Used to digging a round hole? Alan advises that you dig a square one instead. The reason is that this encourages the roots of the tree to spread.

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4. Если края посадочной ямы уплотнены, разрыхлите их, чтобы разбить почву.

5. Alan takes the pot off the rootball next. He spreads the roots to the sides, which will help them grow outwards once the tree is in the ground.

6. You’ll need to check the depth of the planting hole at this stage. With the tree in the hole, Alan uses a garden cane to ensure the top of the roots are level with the soil surface. You may need to adjust the soil level in the hole.

Putting in a bare root tree? You can use the soil mark on the bark near its base, Alan explains. This should be level with the soil surface.

7. Fill the planting hole around the rootball, then firm the soil with the heel of your boot. If you’re putting in a big tree, Alan’s advice is to do this in stages. The idea is to avoid air pockets around the roots.

8. To protect a new tree from blowing over in strong winds, Alan then adds a stake. Although stakes used to go into the ground upright, the current thinking on how to stake a tree is that the top of the tree needs to be able to flex, he explains.

To allow this to happen the stake should be positioned in the ground so that it’s at an angle of about 45 degrees and its top is about a third of the way up the tree, Alan says. Make sure you miss the rootball when you bang the stake into the ground.

9. To attach the tree to the stake you can use a tree tie. As an alternative, Alan uses a pair of tights, which works just as well. He puts the tights around the tree’s trunk then around the stake and uses a reef knot to secure them. This way, the tree is cushioned. You can tie the tights firmly, he explains, because there is room for a little movement. He then cuts off the excess.

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Leave it on for the first year, Alan says, then cut away the tree tie or the tights.

10 Nearly there! To complete the job Alan waters the tree and adds mulch.

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