Instant pot deal: $40 off and it s seriously pretty!

This Instant Pot deal shouldn’t be missed by those after something to brighten up their kitchen worktop. Oh, and to cook hearty meals, of course!

Instant pot deal: Walmart Instant Pot Lifestyle Image

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In the market for a slow cooker? Even better, an Instant Pot deal? Feast your eyes on The Pioneer Woman Instant Pot (opens in new tab) if you’re after something that’s equally as attractive as it is practical. A product from a collab between Walmart and blogger The Pioneer Woman (opens in new tab) saw two brand new designs of the Instant Pot come to stores and online. Available in Vintage Floral or Breezy Blossom, you’ll definitely want one of these sitting on your kitchen worktop come autumn and winter time.

An Instant Pot, if you don’t already know, provides the perfect cooking space for hearty meals. This one features a range of 12 different built-in programs from sauté to pressure cook, steam and even a cake setting. The best part? It features a keep warm setting that can be used for up to 10 hours so that if you pop food in before work, it’ll still be warm and perfectly cooked when you get home.

В настоящее время Walmart продает Pioneer Woman с огромной скидкой 40 долларов. Заинтересованы в сделке? Найдите его ниже.

    (открывается в новой вкладке)

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Instant Pot Pioneer Woman | Было 99 долларов, сейчас 59 долларов в Walmart. (открывается в новой вкладке)
Теперь этот Instant Pot стоит всего 59 долларов, он намного красивее других моделей и даже дешевле. Если вы купите сейчас, он прибудет к субботе, и доставка будет бесплатной. Подготовьтесь к планированию еды и готовьтесь измениться к лучшему. Он даже может варить рис!

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Looking for recipes for your new Instant Pot? Here are some of the top ones at Walmart (opens in new tab) .

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